Some facts about the author

Rabb has lived in various cities throughout the southern and western states of North America.   He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, and  his career has been primarily in the electric power industry.

In his positions as project coordinator and project engineer, he began preparing correspondence for interoffice as well as to clients.

He’s always been an avid reader and as his capacity for writing emerged within his various positions, he began to explore the possibility of writing as an author.  Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy, and Larry Niven are his favorite authors and his stories reflect their influence.

His love for the art grew stronger and resulted in completion of his first novel, Without Warning, in 1985.

However, the demands of his profession and raising a family  got in the way of writing for enjoyment until recently.  He has published several novels since retiring.   Currently, he’s finishing a new book, The Other Side of Tomorrow—a sequel to the science fiction, The Suns’ Own Tomorrow, and has already developed ideas for a new novel.

Rabb tries to tell stories full of suspense that are not predictable.  His characters are drawn from a lifetime of experiences, and therefore, he doesn’t confine his imagination to a specific genre.  His one criteria…each novel has to be fun  to write!

“I like to tell a good story, one that my readers will enjoy,” Rabb says, “and that’s what gives me a lot of satisfaction.”