Alaska Gold by Walt Branam

Alaska GoldTom Wolfe, a recently retired, highly decorated Army Ranger, learns of the treasure at his granduncle’s birthday party. His uncle assures him the gold is just waiting to be taken, but warns taking it can be deadly. Wolfe collects an odd assortment of men and women to find the treasure. The problem is the treasure hunters are constantly at odds with each other and also antagonize everyone else, including a ruthless gang of thugs who decide to steal the lost gold from the treasure hunters. They follow Wolfe, and his team, deep into the Alaskan backcountry; spelunking through volcanic lava tubes, battling an enormous, killer bear and dodging federal agents also trying to recover the gold. Just as Wolfe finds the gold a secretive, malicious billionaire sends in a team of professional killers to steal the treasure for himself. What began as a fun, summer adventure becomes a frantic battle for their lives.

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