Mom, can I drive? – Driver education

Girl outside car electronicNew Driver?  Parent of a new driver; need education hints?  This book is designed to point out precautions that seasoned drivers use on a daily basis might have forgotten to mention to their teen.  These processes have become so automatic to us that we forget we had to learn them ourselves–maybe the hard way!

The amount of information pouring into our brains as we drive down the street is overwhelming when we first start to drive.  The problems we encounter with the actions of other drivers’ are many and we have to manage them rapidly, instinctively!  It takes time and practice to gain these skills.  Placing a new driver in the car with instructions to keep it between the lines is not as simple as it seems.

As a matter of fact, concentrating on keeping the car between the lines may get in the way of noticing that the other car stopped at a side street is not completely stopped, but has instead, performed a rolling stop and is now pulling out in front of you.

OR, not noticing that the car in front of you has put on its brakes and is now slowing or stopping.  Concentrating on keeping the car between the lines can be as bad as texting!

Practice, practice, practice–as I was once informed–is only as good as its perfection.  Therefore, practice needs to turn into perfect practice.

A game–perhaps–of how many problems–possible disasters–can be detected by the new driver before he/she is put behind the wheel.  Once we know what actions could be encountered, our intellect develops ways to avoid the pitfalls.

The brain has an amazing ability to incorporate learned responses in a seamless manner.   This book strives to point out some of those actions that need to be instinctive–automatic–perfect.

So teens, surprise your parents with your knowledge of unexpected dangers.  Driving is an art and defensive skills are a must.

There’s a Driver’s Quiz at the end.

I hope that these thoughts and questions will prove challenging and will entice you to share your thoughts with your parents and that they will also remember their experiences as new drivers.

You can purchase Mom, Can I Drive  on Amazon Kindle.