About Mom, can I drive?

When I was about 12,  my dad took steps to assure I had sufficient time to gain the skills I needed to become a confident driver.   So, the transition into driving solo, had been smooth and easy for me.

Now that it was time for me to pass on his knowledge, I was about to discover that the transition may not have seemed so comfortable for my dad!

When my teens turned 15,  I knew that the driving question was just around the corner… and that somehow, time had slipped up on me!  I realized that the time period I had allotted for them to acquire safe habits was much too short!

Adventures with my teens’ driving sessions were just as scary for me as they were for them.   I wished that I had started pointing out various  pitfalls a lot earlier!  That way, when they started driving solo, the dangers that could possibly arise would already be ingrained into their minds.

I formed a list of hazards of which to be aware, but I found to my dismay, that I had to add to the list every time we took another drive.  Seemed that something else I had taken for granted would pose a new problem for them.

I devised a written test (to their annoyance, I might add) and insisted it be passed with a grade of A before I would allow them to take the state’s test.

I hope this list will be a good starting point for you and your teen.