Jubal’s gold – Confederate gold

About Jubal’s Gold

A young couple, Nick and Jackie Dixon, are pursuing their favorite pastime, prospecting for treasure.  This time their dig provides a pleasant surprise.  They uncovered a jar of gold coins and an old hand-written letter citing the possible location of a significant amount of lost Confederate gold.

The  150 year old letter was written by a young medic during the war between the States.  He attended a  dying man, Captain Jubal Rawlings, and listened to his incoherent  ramblings of a hidden treasure.

It seems that, during the war, the Union army had been advancing south toward Dahlonega, Georgia where the Confederate States of America had stored two thousand pounds of gold bullion.  Captain Rawlings’ mission had been to hide that gold from Union forces in a place of his choosing and then he was to return with his troop to Dahlonega.   He died before he could complete his mission.

The Dixon’s life of poverty sets the stage for a deep obsession.   Jackie’s decision to follow the clues their research uncovers is created by a stubborn determination to change their present situation.  To, once and for all, make their dreams come true!

Will the resourcefulness of one young woman be enough to save the gold from all who would dare to take it?

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