About Jubal’s gold

Originally, this book was to be titled Ezekiel’s Hole.  However, the further I got into writing it, the more convinced I became that the title should clearly reflect the subject matter.

When I was growing up my dad had an interest in treasure hunting and prospecting for gold, etc.   We made frequent trips to pan in stream beds and screen for gems in North Carolina.

After he and my mom passed away, I inherited a lot of old books about treasures and gold mines yet to be discovered.   I’ve seen documentaries and heard rumors and tales about lost Confederate gold, along with legends of other treasures hidden and then forgotten.   I’m sure you’ve heard a few yourself.

So, it was natural for me to combine these compelling stories into an adventure novel where two people are given knowledge of the location of a ton of gold, and have the courage and fortitude necessary to follow the clues to the treasure.

But how do you keep such a secret and retain possession against all takers?

Who knows, you may find me treasure hunting myself.   After all, I have old, out of print books and Google Earth!