Prince of Tyrants – Historical Fiction

Chapter 1 excerpt

In this historical fiction, the City of Alexandria police investigate the scene of a murder.  They quickly realize that the crime scene requires the intervention of a federal team.   After FBI Agent Frasier and his partner discover the reason for their involvement, they call upon a history professor, Michael Grayson,  who is extremely knowledgeable in the era of the World Wars.

Michael’s involvement with Angela Brown, the ward of the victim, becomes as traumatic for him as the newly revealed facts of her true heritage are for her.  Their flight from the NAKAM,  a Jewish avengers organization,  and the final outcome to Angela’s dilemma is shocking indeed!

— Kirkus Reviews–  “Marcellus’ thriller considers the possibility that Hitler did not, in fact, commit suicide.  …the plot aims for–and hits–entertainment…  A fun, fantastical adventure in historical revisionism.”

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