The Suns’ Own Tomorrow – New discovery

Writing The Suns’ Own Tomorrow

The year was 2452 and the discovery of naturally occurring wormholes has allowed the exploration of distant solar systems in search of more Earth-like planets to colonize.

Venus and Mars have been terraformed, but human civilization has expanded to the point that if new planets are not found within the next century, serious problems will arise.  Pollution, climate change and lack of farm land to grow crops and feed the masses is of major concern.

Fortunately, after one hundred years of exploration, a lush and fertile  planet has  been discovered and a colony established.   Its solar system contains several planets which makes terraforming a possibility for future expansion.

Unfortunately, the humans are not the only species in the galaxy with advanced technology.  An alien species of enormous military potential has also found the blue planet.  The fact that it has been inhabited is of no consequence to them and they intend to take it for their purposes!

The humans prove to be more difficult to manage than other species they have encountered before, however, and they find their superior intellect and skills challenged.  They must quickly devise  new strategies.

The story portrays a Navy family caught up in the tides of an interplanetary war.  It tells of faith shaken, yet rediscovered; of human ingenuity faced with impossible odds; and of enduring love for family and friends.  The horrors of this war are just beginning.

The aliens have military superiority,  the humans have their Navy.  Who will control the newly found Earth ?

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