About The Suns’ Own Tomorrow

The Suns’ Own Tomorrow was entered into Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Contest.   Although the reviewers considered the premise unique and the story-line a good one, they thought this book to be too ‘tech heavy’.

I thank them for their critique and have revised the book to bring the characters into play more quickly, while decreasing the emphasis on the technical nature of the book.

There has been a lot of science fiction and science fantasy produced over the last three decades.  I enjoy science fiction movies and novels and freely accept their premise.  However, most of what is seen on the television or in theatres forgets known physics.  What is possible or even probable is not necessarily depicted.

For example, artificial gravity must be present for the people on a space ship to walk around on the floor and interact to move the story along.  In my opinion, we are a long way from artificial gravity.  The only thing that is a practical reality is centrifugal force.  Place a person on the inside of a rotating vessel in zero gravity and they will be forced to the walls as the vessel spins, producing the effect of gravity.

Then, there is faster than light travel.  It’s theoretically possible but requires an infinite amount of energy to achieve.  The warping of space is possible, but not probable.  Most science fiction stories need faster than light travel as a plot element to effectively move the characters from place to place or planet to planet.

I decided to write a science fiction novel that was a little closer to the realities of what actual space travel might be like based upon our present understanding of physics.  No artificial gravity, no warp drive on demand.  Instead, space travel is a long and time consuming endeavor that places people in space for months, or years at a time, in order to get to their destination.

How do you write a novel where your characters spend months getting from here to there?  It’s rather difficult when you want something to happen quickly to move the story along.

Here is where I departed from conventional space travel with a plot device of my own.  We know that black holes occur naturally.  We theorize that black holes bend time and space.  My premise theorizes that wormholes also occur naturally when the forces between suns and planets come together to produce them.

Such was the foundation of my book.  Conventional technology, founded in established science, with the discovery of naturally occurring wormholes  allow my characters to move from solar system to solar system.

What will the exploration of space really be like?  Where will we go and how will we get there.  I offer one possibility in The Sun’s Own Tomorrow.