Without Warning

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About Without Warning

A quarreling young couple witness a strange event on a stormy night on the coast of Georgia.  A Soviet submarine delivers a nuclear weapon to a waiting truck near the shore. 

And so it begins, a Soviet plan to ensure the success of a  first strike against the United States.  Twenty-six nuclear weapons are secretly deployed in an effort to destroy the United States’ ability to respond to a strategic attack.  U.S. Government, its command and control, its communication…gone in an instant! 

The only loose end is Gary and Susan Mitchell who witness the delivery of one of the weapons.  Unsure of what they saw, they decide to report the sighting and let the authorities investigate.  However, the authorities  consider their story without merit, a hoax.  Frustration begins to destroy their much needed break, so they decide to try and forget what transpired the night before. 

The Mitchells return to their vacation, not realizing the danger waiting for them.  They find themselves chased by Russian authorities, and as they blunder their way to the FBI, the warheads continue their countdown to detonation.

Across the ocean, Soviet forces congratulate themselves on the impending destruction of the United States and the ultimate triumph of Communism. 

Could global chaos give rise to a New World Order?

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