The Other Side of Tomorrow

It is far into the future and the human species has filled the solar system.  The discovery of naturally occurring wormholes has allowed the movement into new solar systems in search for planets with Earth-like characteristics.

The same conditions exists for another species, Insectoids.  These two civilizations collide on the third planet in the Carina system.

The humans inhabited Carina Three first but the Insectoids want the planet for themselves.  Their attempts to make the colonists leave have been futile until they unleash a virus meant to exterminate the humans.  This virus changes human DNA so rapidly that it kills off the hosts.   The discovery of a process to slow down the virus gives the colonists’ bodies time to adapt, but they find they have dramatic changes with which they must deal.  Changes so complicated that it makes their past way of life seem out of date.  Now…the problem is how to deal with those changes.

This is a story of how humans survive through sheer grit, determination, innovation and adaptability.

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